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Recycled Food For Dinner

My mom was asking what do I plan to cook for dinner, I really have no idea. I went to open the fridge and look something great to cook. There’s frozen pork, beef and chicken, I just sighed. I really am not in the mood to cook and get my stomach full. I look at the left-over food and an idea just lit up in mind. I use the food left and make it into something new. There’s beef and some shrimp left, I could make a stir fried rice out those. Now all I need is some minced garlic and shallots, diced carrots and bell pepper. I Sautéed the meat and shrimp with the garlic add in the shallots, bell pepper and carrots then mix the rice, add some salt to taste, stir it until it is evenly mixed.

It is good to recycle left-over food. It’s a shame to throw away food when other people can’t even afford to eat. Sometimes all we need is just to recreate the simple food to make another yummy dish to serve.

I Am Never Gonna Eat Froyo Bear Again

Here’s why, my husband and I with our daughter went to the mall to do the groceries, we had some snacks on a food stall nearby. My husband asked me if I could buy our child an ice cream, lucky I found one near the food stall where we’re eating. It’s called FroYo bear. The available flavor was only Choco-avocado. I decided maybe I should give it a try, so I did. I bought it and gave the ice cream to my daughter and I asked her if we could share, I never knew I’d regret asking that. I only had few teaspoon of the stuff and then we went home, to my mother’s house.

After two hours my stomach was in pain. It’s full of gas and my brothers are complaining about the stinking bomb I’m throwing. Yeah it really stinks and my stomach really hurts. I swear I’m never going to eat that Froyo thing ever again. My daughter had one too but she’s not farting, lucky her!

On Milk Teas

iced milk teas
I recently have a new craving, its iced milk teas. The Tea business is mushrooming here in the Philippines that they are now competing with the coffee shops, I like the mixture of tea and milk, and it gives it a new flavor. I tried different milk and tea combos but they all taste the same for me, I’m really not a tea person, I prefer coffee but recently I have become fond of this new found goodness.

The milk teas also has pearls or jellies in addition to your drink, which gives you something to chew, they’re like pearl coolers or smoothies only it’s tea. I drank 18 ounces milk tea recently while I was in the mall and after an hour I badly need to take a piss. Yes I know, teas are diuretics but do you know that they are an anti-oxidant too. It’s so good that they’re my new favorite. Why don’t you try it!

What Are You Planning For Breakfast?

I really don’t eat much at breakfast; all I need was a cup of coffee and I’m ready to start the day. My husband is quite the opposite, he likes to eat breakfast, and after all it’s the most important meal of the day. I cooked him some of my home made tocino. Tocino is a Filipino breakfast dish. This is similar to bacon but it’s sweet. If you like your pork sweet then you might want to try making this at home.

It is so simple to make and the ingredients are not that hard to find. The ingredients are 500 grams of pork meat, 2 tbsp of salt, 1 tablespoon of rum, 5 tbsp of sugar, ½ tsp of prague powder and half a tsp of Ascorbic acid. Slice the meat thinly; mix all the ingredients except the meat. This mixture would be for curing. Individually soak and rub the sliced meat into the mixture. Place it in a clean container and cover it. Leave it in the refrigerator for three days or you can dry the meat in the sun. In a pan with oil, cook the meat under slow heat. The meat will start to caramelize and turns browns, be careful not to burn it. Tocino is best partnered with egg and fried rice. Yum!

New Bizarre Foods for You

Street food has been known by most people due to its unique character and flair. Well, I’m a street food lover; basically I love to eat different types of foods that are mainly sold at sidewalks. It’s weird but you get used to it, it’s fun and too quick to be cooked. Talking about street foods! One of my favorites is barbecue, I remember one time when I and my friends had a night out and we were hungry then. So, we take a new adventure such as to eat street foods. Actually, it’s very common in Asia, preferably in the Philippines. You may see a lot of street food lane mostly in some campus such as schools.

Actually, before we eat there, we were much concern about the sanitation of the food. Of course! We were afraid that we might get sick or what! But actually not all street foods are dirty, they just look dirty! In fact, they can be a good partner to some juices such as Buko juice.