My First Empanada

I got bored and hungry two days ago and I thought of making an empanada, it’s stuffed bread usually baked or fried. I never tried making empanadas before, so I made a trial and error. I don’t know how to make dough and I’m too tired to check the internet for the ingredients and instructions so I just mixed some flour, egg and some water. I had problems about flattening the dough because I don’t have a roller from the start. So I improvised a bottle and made that as my roller. I tried to use ham, chicken, cheese, grated carrots, bell pepper, pizza sauce and minced garlic as the ingredients for stuffing.

I was going for pizza empanada as the name of my recipe. I don’t have an oven so what I did is I deep fried it until the dough turned into golden brown. I was quite nervous if my empanada will turn out good. I made a mess in the kitchen just by rolling the dough; at least it should turn out good. I let my husband tasted it first; he says it’s delicious, and it kind of taste like a pizza roll. Yes! Thank God it’s a pass, I’m thinking of making beef, spinach and some cream to make as stuffing next time.