Eye Care During Monsoons

Monsoons are very important. They not just boost the country’s economy but also give a lot a relief to the common man from heat. But, monsoons also mean eye problems. Here are some tips which help enjoy the good weather without having any problems especially eye related problems.

  1. Hygiene is the most important thing to take care of during monsoons. Take care not to touch the eye with a dirty hand.
  2. Never share personal items like towels, hand kerchiefs with others as it would lead to infection.
  3. Keep away from water logged areas and do not let children play in the water.
  4. People who have dry eyes are more prone to conjunctivitis during rains. It is better if they avoid watching too much TV or work on the computer as this causes the eyes to go dry even more.
  5. If contact lens is sued make sure to store them properly and wear protective glasses to avoid rain water from falling in the eye.
  6. Avoid eye make-up or use only good quality products.