Nude Lipsticks Are The Best!

I am fond of lipsticks. Though, I just find out one trick from makeup artists. That is to keep your lips nude if you want to appear as if more naturally looking. Essentially we are talking about the no-make up look. To be straight-forward, let me just share to you three nude lipsticks that I love. You can find them at online stores like Amazon.

The first one is Smash box’s Photo Finish in Exquisite. It is lightweight with a brownish-pink shade. The second one is Yves Saint Laurent’s Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick with SPF 15 in Nude Beige. It lasts long and leaves your lips noticeably smooth. The last one is L’Oreal Paris Endless Lip Color in Naked Ambition. Its color lasts up to eight hours.