Surprise Visit Turned Make Up Session

It’s holiday when my girl cousins had a surprise visit in our house. They live in a City far from us that’s why we seldom see each other. When they arrived, I was the only one left at home because everyone else is on vacation. The four of them used to be my playmates way back when we were still kids.

I didn’t want to waste a single minute, so I immediately cooked our favorite food and prepare the table for lunch. After eating, we all went inside my room to supposedly take a little rest, but when they see my newly bought make-up set, they all got carried away and excited to try putting it on. Without any doubt, I quickly open and share it with them, then exchange our techniques on how to apply it. Of course it wouldn’t be perfect without our hair fixed, so we help each other doing our hair style then took pictures right after. It turned out to be a really productive visit and a fun learning make-up experience.