Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake Foundation

This “dupe” of Mac Foundation is getting good raves from beauty enthusiasts. What’s special about this local brand is that it can be applied wet or dry and has a high-quality finish. This two-way foundation made in Taiwan is actually inexpensive at only P399. Perhaps they say that it’s a dupe of the expensive brand Mac because of the sturdy packaging.

They changed its packaging now with smaller holes at the sponge’s casing so you can make sure bacteria won’t easily come into your sponge and still let it breathe in case you want to apply it wet. It can leave your skin matte all day without too much retouching as it gives a medium to heavy coverage. If you don’t have oily skin, this two way cake won’t fade in five to six hours of wearing depending if you apply it wet or dry. This local-brand foundation is well-loved by many beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts due to its easy-to-blend surface.