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My First Empanada

I got bored and hungry two days ago and I thought of making an empanada, it’s stuffed bread usually baked or fried. I never tried making empanadas before, so I made a trial and error. I don’t know how to make dough and I’m too tired to check the internet for the ingredients and instructions so I just mixed some flour, egg and some water. I had problems about flattening the dough because I don’t have a roller from the start. So I improvised a bottle and made that as my roller. I tried to use ham, chicken, cheese, grated carrots, bell pepper, pizza sauce and minced garlic as the ingredients for stuffing.

I was going for pizza empanada as the name of my recipe. I don’t have an oven so what I did is I deep fried it until the dough turned into golden brown. I was quite nervous if my empanada will turn out good. I made a mess in the kitchen just by rolling the dough; at least it should turn out good. I let my husband tasted it first; he says it’s delicious, and it kind of taste like a pizza roll. Yes! Thank God it’s a pass, I’m thinking of making beef, spinach and some cream to make as stuffing next time.

Healthy Eating Tips For Kids

It can be said that no child likes to eat healthy food. Junk food and attractive looking food is the ones that is most sought after by them. But, these foods would not give them adequate nutrition for their healthy growth. It is very important that kids eat nutritious food. Their meal should contain good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All this promote their health both physically and mentally. Here are some pointers for the kids to healthy eating.

Breakfast is a must: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for every person. After the whole night of fasting the body requires good amount of nutrients. It also helps in keeping the person active for the rest of the day. Research shows that children who have breakfast did well in school.

Variety of food: The food eaten by the children should contain varieties. Body needs 40 different kinds of minerals and vitamins each day and this can be got only by consuming varieties of food.

Fruits and vegetables: It is important to add five servings of fruits and vegetable in the child’s diet every day. This not just adds color but also gives them the required nutrients.

With these simple tips one can ensure that the child gets the required energy to grow stronger both physically as well as mentally.

Eye Care During Monsoons

Monsoons are very important. They not just boost the country’s economy but also give a lot a relief to the common man from heat. But, monsoons also mean eye problems. Here are some tips which help enjoy the good weather without having any problems especially eye related problems.

  1. Hygiene is the most important thing to take care of during monsoons. Take care not to touch the eye with a dirty hand.
  2. Never share personal items like towels, hand kerchiefs with others as it would lead to infection.
  3. Keep away from water logged areas and do not let children play in the water.
  4. People who have dry eyes are more prone to conjunctivitis during rains. It is better if they avoid watching too much TV or work on the computer as this causes the eyes to go dry even more.
  5. If contact lens is sued make sure to store them properly and wear protective glasses to avoid rain water from falling in the eye.
  6. Avoid eye make-up or use only good quality products.

Nude Lipsticks Are The Best!

I am fond of lipsticks. Though, I just find out one trick from makeup artists. That is to keep your lips nude if you want to appear as if more naturally looking. Essentially we are talking about the no-make up look. To be straight-forward, let me just share to you three nude lipsticks that I love. You can find them at online stores like Amazon.

The first one is Smash box’s Photo Finish in Exquisite. It is lightweight with a brownish-pink shade. The second one is Yves Saint Laurent’s Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick with SPF 15 in Nude Beige. It lasts long and leaves your lips noticeably smooth. The last one is L’Oreal Paris Endless Lip Color in Naked Ambition. Its color lasts up to eight hours.

Lush Buffy Body Butter Bar Soap

Want to put an end to dead skin cells from your behind or shall we say from your butt? Try this one from Lush. It’s a compact bar which routs flaking skin with a semi-coarse muddle of ground rice, almonds and beans. It comes in three and seven ounces. With this product, it’s just a piece of cake to have your skin exfoliated and nourished.

It has a really rough and light texture but the good thing is that it you won’t need a lotion after a bath. It contains buttery oils which help to make the skin hydrated. It also has some hints of cocoa butter making it lightly sweet-smelling. The three-ounce size is a perfect handy in case you are on an outing and needs to pack light.