Eating Crocodile Meat in Thailand

This is the story when I went to Thailand with my family. We are at a Sriracha Tiger Zoo. The zoo is really massive. There is a great performance by the animal, from the pig, crocodile to the tiger. I really enjoy the day, taking massive pictures of myself and my family. Then, there is lunch at the restaurant inside the zoo.

The food is fine. Suddenly, my tour guide offering me and my family ten meat satays. He said the satay is really good and suggest we should try it. He didn’t tell me what meat that made the satay; so without getting curious, I ate one meat satay. First I feel weird. I thought it was a chicken meat, but then the taste so different. The meat is too tough. There is no way it is a chicken meat. I am very picky about my food. Then, I asked my tour guide what meat I just ate, and he answered, “it’s crocodile.” Well If I’ve known the meat is crocodile, I wouldn’t eat it. I considered it as a once in a lifetime experience eating an exotic food.