Why Is Italian Cooking So Popular?

I have often wondered which cuisine is known to be a lot better, Italian or French. I fact, Italian cuisines is much popular and known to be much better. However, when you g tot visit a lot of restaurants available in your place, you can barely realized why Italian cooking is known to be the most popular cuisine in the world. Maybe due to its unique Italian products that taste awesome and can be a bit attractive to all eaters. When we get to visit an Italian restaurant we were being indulged by the list of foods in their menu such as famous pizza and pasta, Chicken Parmesan, ravioli, manicotti, and other Italian cuisines.

In fact we all know about the Mediterranean diet, because it is commonly used by many people and the products that were being used with it originate in Italy. I hear your craving these foods yes you will! Perhaps, it might draw you a conclusion why Italian foods are better.