First Class Seafood Cravings

Sea foods are one of the healthiest foods to eat when eaten in moderation. I think that is the very reason why my grandfather used to love eating sea foods.

As a child, I grew up eating sea foods most of the time. Even though a fish tastes the same as the others, I learned to appreciate the food as my mom cooks them in a variety of dishes. That is why I’ve grown to love sea food as well.

When I was in Boracay, I’ve learned that I can eat the freshest sea foods there. Lobsters, fishes, crabs and sea weeds in Boracay are all first class! If I should have known such fact, I would have brought my grandpa along with me. But I guess there’s still a chance to bring him there and satisfy his first class sea food cravings. And I know that would really make him happy.