The Best of Make Ups That Will Last for Long

What girls often have a problem with is not really about the hair stuffs or the body stuffs. Actually, it all ran down when it comes into make-ups. As there are those make ups who easily fades off for just 2-3 hours and that’s really a big problem to most girls and it even gets worse when you even got that oily skinned or living in a hot place that can let your make up become soil and even fades easily. Although, there are those primers that can basically help you’re make up last longer, but they are quite expensive too.

The best solution for your problem is to mix a little cornstarch with your make up that will keep it last all throughout the day. Thus, keeping your face greasy and clean as well. No need to worry! It’s just a cheap yet adorable material to be bought on in some supermarkets and can even give you good benefits on it as well.