A Typical Day at the Studio

As an assistant to one of the top musician in the country my wife has the best access to concerts, gigs and other musical events. When she was till starting she told me that she doesn’t think that she can last a week on the job because her boss is so difficult.

But later on as she gets to experience the best bell tree and other fun musical stuffs, she suddenly realized that she is meant for this kind of job and that no matter what she will try her best to make the job work and make her boss happy. Her day can turn really crappy but she said that she will try harder to smile and be happy that she has a job.

Just Because I Crave For Pizza

I’m hungry and my mouth is looking for something to satiate itself with not just a slice, but a box of pizza. And just because I’m hungry, I dialed the hotline for a delivery. And after 30 minutes of an agonizing wait, my pizza was delivered. Finally! I get to eat! Which makes me wonder how did Pizza become so popular? Who came up with it? And How I wish I could taste the best pizzas in the world.

This round oven-baked flat bread covered with different kinds of toppings originated in Naples, Italy. Their traditional pizza (Margherita) is covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil, was named after Queen Margherita. The pizza topping resembled the color of their flag.

Types of pizzas include Neapolitan (Italy), this pizza’s original ingredient is tomato and mozzarella, and mixed with other ingredients. Then there’s the Lazio-style (Rome) they come two different styles; rustica or the takeout pizza al tagio, instead of the traditional round, it comes in rectangular shape. This is sold and weighed by slice. There is also the frozen pizza, these pizzas are partially bakes and frozen so that people can just cook it in a microwave oven. And from then pizza had evolved and have collaborated with different ingredients and different forms of cooking coming from the different parts of the world.

Balut Gastronomy

In the Philippines, touring out the night streets you will find vendors selling “balut”. This is actually a boiled fertilized duck egg. Filipinos consider this as a delicious treat. When you’re in the Philippines don’t miss out eating this because you’re in for an intense gastronomy. Not only that is delicious, it is also packed with calories and nutrients like; protein, vitamin A, B-complex, D, folate, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, magnesium, zinc and iron. Long before Viagra, it has been a belief of Filipinos to use this to improve sex drive.

Natives eat balut by first cracking the hollow part. Remove the cracked shell and make a hole. Sip the broth out then slowly remove the shell and bite, you eat it slowly or you can remove most of its shell and gobble it up one time. It is partnered eating by adding a pinch of salt and vinegar with chili to make it tastier.

Treat Yourself With A Chocolate

It’s not just having a sweet tooth that makes us love chocolate so much. It tops the lists of comfort food. Whether you are heartbroken, having a bad day or you just simply want to indulge in its exquisite flavor, you can count on it. It comes in variety of types and flavors. From bar, ice creams, cakes to confectioners, chocolate had gone a long way.

Chocolates have different types. And one of my favorite is white chocolate, which contains vanilla, cocoa butter, sugar, milk, and emulsifier. It has fewer cocoa solids content that’s why it is white. Another favorite of mine is the milk chocolate which contains about 10-20% of cocoa solids, cocoa butter and milk solids. Another type would be the dark chocolate which contains more cocoa solids and a little milk or no milk at all. Dark chocolates are good anti-oxidant, and help lower blood cholesterol. Then there’s the semi-sweet, sweet-dark chocolates and unsweetened chocolates that are used for baking and other recipes. You can choose from these types, dark, white milky or sweet, chocolates can adjust to your palate.

The Sauce In Shawarma

Whenever I go to a mall, or when I get hungry after a few hours of window shopping, I always go for the quick and easy snack and shawarma is definitely on the list. I mean it’s really one of the best comfort foods for me. I really love it and now my mouth salivates, just writing about it. How could I resist this food? It’s such a healthy snack, shreds of beef, strips of cucumber and tomato and a bit of onion wrapped with pita bread. And you know what really makes this treat so appetizing? It’s the sauce!

Yes, the sauce is the one that makes this delectable treat amazing. It makes me wonder how you make the sauce; every time I eat it makes me wonder the distinct flavor of the sauce. I Google for an answer and found out that there’s a lot of variations. And I found these ingredients best suits the flavor I tasted. The ingredients are; plain yogurt, peeled cucumber, two tablespoon olive oil, half juiced lemon, 3 gloves garlic, 1 tablespoon fresh dill and salt and pepper to taste. You have to mix all of these in a food processor and refrigerate it to bring out the best flavor. The sauce is so good I even put that on my vegetable salad.